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My System Specs


Way back in the Athlon XP days, I had gotten a combo deal from TigerDirect with an AMD Athlon XP 2600+ Barton along with some Soyo motherboard. To say the least, once I got it all setup and running, task manager was always at 100% for me (only single core CPU, so 50% for dual core seems right), it ended up being the motherboard that was messed up somehow. Replaced it with an ASUS and all was good, so maybe, just maybe, your whole motherboard is buggered. Though I'd try the usual clear CMOS and update the BIOS to the latest before considering that it's a faulty board.

Oh one more thing, no process was actually using 100%, other than the System Idle Process (which it should). So look carefully at task manager and see if it's an actual process taking all the CPU.

I don't think disconnecting from the Internet is really going to do anything. It's unlikley you'd get a virus right after installing Windows unless your using some pirated software or going to bad sites right off the bat.
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