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Originally Posted by Johnnyl168 View Post
Thanks for the help chilly, Im currently conducting a little experiment to see if this theory is correct. Im using a product called Betadine (ingredient povidone-iodine) alcohol free. I have placed a small piece of copper heatsink in a very concentrated iodine. Its been 5days with no sign of any black colour. Btw how many drops of iodine did you put into your loop?
2 drops of medical grade alcohol free iodine for a whole loop that consisted of 1 Storm G4 block, 1 GPU MCW60 block, a Res, Dual DCC/MCP355 pumps (old school ones orange impeller ones that committed suicide like almost all did ) and a Black Ice 220mm Rad on a S939 4400 X2 and X1900XTX. The loop ran for aprox 8 months untouched, till my pumps died and I had to replace them.

Suffice it to say I was NOT happy when I took apart that loop and saw what had happened. I actually went back to Air Cooling for a little while. I'm sure you can understand why, after the sting of losing $400 worth of WC parts due to the block corrosion and pump failure(kinda a double whammy really). After a bit of googling and learning about XS and reading up, I was kicking my self in the ass for even considering iodine.

That being said I'm sure with enough cleaning I can bring the MCW60 back into service and *MAYBE* the rad, but I gave up hope long ago on those items. For now they sit unused in a shelf somewhere. I wanna stress that this happened over the course of 8 months, with the water/coolant being refreshed about every 3 months. I'm not sure that even in a concentrated "test" you'll see a result without some considerable time.
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