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My x600 never ran with 3d mark. I just ran games. I used to run games at 1024 X 768 high detail with like 40 fps. Now I run at 1280 X 1024. I lag on high settings in most games.

Basically. I just lag. FPS lag... If you have played Half-Life 2. When you start a new games and get off the train. You go outside. you get to see the almighty Source engine... I dip to 34 FPs while outside on 1280X1024 on high graphics... do you expect that form my set up... I don't... Maybe now with the processors but the GFX card... no way. The reason I bought it was not to lag. Benchmarks for this Card run the game at a lot higher resolutions at high graphics and have alot higher FPS Minimum.

I lag on basically all games on higher graphics.

BTW, My x600 runs Counter-Strike: Source at 1024 X 768 on highn with around 50 - 70 FPS. Most levels...
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