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So I updated my BIOS using E.Z. Flash to v.1301, and then tried to load up Windows. It got to the splash screen, and just stays there loading, forever, occasionally freezing. I tried to install Windows XP PRO SP2 and it didn't work. Then I tried just Windows XP PRO (No service packs!) and it worked, but it still either loads only every other boot, and when it does load it loads FOREVER, occasionally freezing.

I think, since my eyes are open to S775 boards staying around awhile, I ought just get a new board. My P5N-E SLI is aging, anyway. Anyone have a good suggestion for a board? I'd like S775 of course, with 8GB of RAM, and Crossfire DEFINITELY. It can be up to $230, but I'd like if I can get it for around $150 - $170, a good budget board. OCing isn't a major issue, if it overclocks just O.K, then thats fine by me.

I'll be searching high and low the next few days, but if anyone has any good suggestions they are always welcome :)

Should I re-post this in Motherboards section?

EDIT: BTW I tested the board out again with the new BIOS by swapping out different combinations for parts, like taking out 4850 putting in 8600GT, taking out 4GB ram, putting in 2GB, etc. I even did combinations of parts! Unfortunately, no dice
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