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Question Wedding HTPC Build Help ^^

Hey i'm currently building a new HTPC for a friend who just got married. And was hoping some fellow Canadians with more computer experience then me could give any suggestions to my proposed setup. Most of the parts I plan to purchase at (Toronto local stores)

HTPC Build FILE - PDF file (he wants the Venti System)

He'll b using it on a 46" Samsung Plasma and Rogers HD Digital Cable Box.
Main uses will be for playing Blue Ray Movies and PVR of HD content.

The main concerns is;
- if he needs an IR controller to control channel changing on the Rogers HD Box from the PC?
- Is there a good videocard/HD Tuner combo or is having 2 seperate cards better for performance?
- What operating system/software should he use? Windows MCE? Myth?

I would appreciate any advice as this is the first standalone HTPC I will b ordering.
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