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Originally Posted by Matty D View Post
Just to clarify, did you remove everything that was new (reverting to your previously working system) and try again?

The only thing I can think is perhaps the PSU is over tasked now and causing some issues?
His PSU is fine, hes stuck on a 680i which is/was plagued with problems, SATA being one of the major ones. I'd say get the latest BIOS and flash it. If that doesn't work, a good SATA card should work/resolve your current issues. That being said, I say ditch the 680i board, put the money you'd use on a SATA card and get something based on P35/45/X38/P45.

I agree with enaberif, S775 isn't going anywhere soon, hell you should see the prices of what most S939 things still go for, USED! Try updating the BIOS and let us know what you else you tried. If you decide to go with a new S775 board, just list a few of your needs(do you want ability to CF or not, budget, etc) and we'll recommend some good boards that suit your needs.
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