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I have a theory now as to what happend.

Since my copy of windows is ancient (pre-SP1 even I think) when I re-installed it XP couldn't handle the drives because they were bigger then 128mb. This forced new partions onto the drives, when I updated to SP2 it recongnized the proper size of the drives but the partions were in place now.

I took the advice of using nlite ( nice program by the way!) and slipstreamed SP2 into my XP. I then re-installed with both drives in place. They showed up in their correct sizes but the previous install attempt forced partion's were now in place, replacing the original partitions. So again I can see the drive but not access it, this time though I think it's because of my forced partitions messing things up.

So the lesson here kids is don't be neglectful like me and not slipstream SP2 into an old copy of XP, you will pay for it.

I'm now attempting to recover the data using the Ultimate boot disk for windows (still in the process of burning it) and seeing if I can recover the data myself. If not I will be taking it, with head hung low, to my local computer store for data recovery

Cheers and thanks all for your attempts to get me on track.
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