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Default Booting Problem, Possible Solution?

The other day I turned on my computer after sticking in a bunch of new components I bought as an upgrade (Diamond HD 4850 512, Quad Silencer 750, 4GB Mushkin Ascent DDR2-800), double-checked everything, turned it on and it worked the first time. I used my computer for a bit and it performed very well.

The next day I go to turn it on and it takes forever to POST, and then when it finally does I get error messages like "SYSTEM BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER," "Error loading operating system, press ESC to reboot," etc. I thought that something may be faulty with the HD so unplugged it, took an old 80GB SATA drive, plugged it in, and it worked

Two days later I go to use my computer and neither drives work. I swapped SATA ports, swapped components (took out 4850, took out RAM, used old PSU) and it would occasionally boot, but never twice in a row.

So now I'm thinking there's a problem with the SATA ports on my MB, and for what reason I don't know why. I don't want to drop another $100+ on an LGA775 board that will be obsolete within two years, and I don't want to "bite the bullet" and get a Nehalem machine.

The solution I'm considering is to get a good $30 or $40 SATA controller card, and then hook up my HD to see it it works. I don't have many other options, and I need some input on my solution? If it is a good one, does anyone have any SATA cards to reccommend? Would a SATA controller card solve my problems???
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