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Originally Posted by ebdoradz View Post
have you try tour AF& in that p4 prescott where you used to us the Silent tower? just to see how the AF7 perfom compare to the TT sillent tower?

cuz i a frioend of mine have a Opty 165 @ 2.7Ghz and he is running a Thermalright SI-120 and i have better temp then he is with my TT silent tower i hope that the AF64 wont disapoint me
No, i have not done a head-to-head test of the silent tower vs the af7.

To me a few degrees either way doesn't matter if the convenience is more important. Assuming of course you aren't trying to sqeeze the last few mhz out of your oc.

On my rigs (mostly folding), i like to leave a margin of error anyway so a change of ambients or dust buildup doesn't start creating errors, although i do adjust the clocks/volts on a few between summer and winter.
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