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Anyone seen the latest issue of MaximumPC magazine? There is a review of an oil cooled PC, the first ever to mass produced.

It's called the Reactor, coming from a company called Hardcore Computer, it wieghts in at 110lbs and is completely priprietary custom.

Braineater and this thread is the first thing I thought of when I saw the Reactor. Of course, nothing like this build, but still has some eye catching ideas and worth a look from anyone watching this thread. You never know, what you may see in the Reactor might give you and idea or two on your own build.

It's up on their home page, here:


It's in late stages of development, with a few bugs and issues still. The amazing thing is that they will mass produce these things, prices starting around $3600 USD.

It looks OK I guess, but what I really like about it is the fact that they have departed from just about all standards set for ATX, and damn near every piece and screw is custom made. Parts of it really have an aircraft quality look to it. This is a drawback for those that may want to upgrade things down the road, but Hardcore assues that they will sell, and even install, upgraded parts for this beast.

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