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Yes we do have OTA (over the air) hdtv broadcasts and (depending how far south you are in canada) you can get the american ones as well. I, myself, live in montreal and have been able to get channels like nbchd, tsnhd, abchd, etc using moderate to high sensitivity antennas. But dont go for one of those cheezy indoor ones made of plastic. If you really wanna get the most channels possible you have to get an outdoor one and stick it as high up as possible. Im going to be getting the Channel Master 4228 which is a 60 mile+ hdtv antenna which should give some impressive results.... hehe.

PS: Dont forget that UHF (hdtv) antennas are directional.... so point em south for those american channels dammit! hehe. (or towards wherever you wanna get channels from)
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