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Default The Spare Parts PC!

Hey guys,

A few days ago I was cleaning out my storage closet, organizing, throwing old stuff out, etc. While I was clearing stuff out I came across a bunch of old hardware I had used at one point or another. I also found a box full of random computer wires, heatsinks, screws, etc.

Now at first I thought about selling it all, so I finished cleaning up and put all the goodies aside to take a look at later. Fast forward couple days ago enaberif inspired an idea in me, why don't I build try and build a rig out of all these spare parts that I have!

So heres what I had found;

ASUS P5K Vanilla - Covered in sawdust, long story.
ATi Radeon X1900XTX - Modded with aftermarket zalman heatsink. Its Old.
WD RaptorX 150GB - BNIB, was bought for buddies rig which never got built. Forgot about it/too lazy to return it.
SilverStone DA850 850watt Modular PSU - Was my main PSU, till I decided to go Crossfired 4870X2's
4x1GB PC2-8500 Crucial Ballistix Tracer - The good, double sided D9 stuff, was in main rig till about a month ago when I upgraded it to 4x2GB Corsair Ram.
Lian Li A05B - Was bought for a buddies rig that never got built. Same as the raptor, I was too lazy to return it.
Stock Q6600 HeatSink - Why do we care? Its beefier than the one that came with the CPU for this rig

But wait, what CPU? I didn't have one. So in celebration of my greatness I bought a E8400 E0 from the local TigerDirect store for $199.00. So yes, I cheated, so what, 90% of this computer is still spare parts. Sorry for the camera quality, I don't own any cameras so I just used my cell.

Once I got Vista x64 installed, I went ahead and started playing with the overclocks, the RAM is not OC'ed at all, infact its running below stock speeds, but in good time I'll get it all back up! This is what I have gotten stable so far!

Temps using Real Temp 2.70 hover around 38 on both cores idle, and around 62-64 at full orthos load. This is using just an Intel Q6600 stock heatsink (copper core, aluminum outside). So far I've run OCCT for 1 hour and orthos for 2 hour, seems stable for now .

Oh and yes, I did name this computer SpareParts-PC

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