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Default Good News and Bad News. need some advice.

Alright guys,
After asking about wether or not i should run my gpu in the 4x slot, i also figured out my gpu was 20C hotter in the 4x slot because it was right at the bottom of the T-Bar of my P182 :(. Also my cod4 fps was down by almost 1/2. Anyways, so i just switched it back to my 16x slot. The reason i wanted to switch is was because i installed an OCZ XTC ram cooler, mostly for the bling factor. However, that was stopping me from using my 16x slot, and also from doing push/pull on my TRUE. The good news is that i just reinstalled my 4870 in the 16x slot, and put dual antec tricools on my TRUE. The bad news is will it last? lol. Basically, the OCZ XTC is hanging off of one clip. It has too Metal bars that hang onto the ram clips. only one of them is on on the top. Its also installed all the way to the right so i can push pull on my TRUE. Thats not really what im worred about. Im worred about my GPU. The clearance between the ram cooler and the back of the GPU is less then 1mm on one side, and about 1.5mm on the other side (My gpu pcb curves abit because of my Battleaxe) My question is, if the xtc fully touches the back of the gpu, can it connect two different areas and somehow short circuit the card causing lots of damage?

Thanks alot (pics below: sorry for the bad quality, cant find my camera, using my brothers laptop webcam)

P.S. Forgot some of the good news. Temps dropped 3C after doing Push Pull on my TRUE :)

P.S. #2: and is 64C Bad load temps for my cpu? Im at 1.42v 3.6ghz, at this voltage i can hit 3.9, i need 1.48 to hit 4.1
and what about 58C on my 4870?(LOAD)
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