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Originally Posted by BALISTX View Post
It's only a $15 difference and I like the 10x multi instead of the 9.5x multi. If I got the E7200 I hate using .5 multi so I would put it to 9 and in order to get 3.6GHz I'd have to put the FSB to 400 where I'd rather play it safe and have the FSB at 300. However if I did get the E7200 and ran it at a 1:1, I would be getting the most out of the memory.

Decisions, Decisions.

I'll have to do some more research to see if that board can hit 400 FSB.
I would be quite surprised if that mobo couldn't run 400FSB, as the vast majority of P45 boards(and a lot of P35) will run 500FSB. I don't think that P43 is that much different, from a performance standpoint.
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