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Originally Posted by odis172 View Post
Shut down your computer, Unplug the ac cord from the power supply, then press the power button on the computer. The power supply will attempt to start the computer, thereby draining the capacitors. Press the button 4 or 5 times, waiting a few seconds between each press, just to be safe. You should hear some fans spin a bit on the first press. There may still be some charges left over, so dont go touching any contacts! Use insulated tools, dont ground yourself, and i have even heard of people only using one hand, so if they do get a shock, it wont complete a circuit by going through your chest.
This sounds about right, if I were you, I'd PM SKYMTL and ask him to be sure. SKYMTL has taken apart numerous PSU's while reviewing them. I would suspect he has some degree of experience and the Do's/Don'ts of taking apart PSU's. Also I just want to make sure your aware that this will void any warranty you may have on the PSU?

That said, as long as you follow the simple instructions of;

Unplug the PSU from wall,
Immediately afterward, press the PC's power button, a couple times to be sure,
Let it sit for a bit,

Once above is said and done and the PSU should be of drained of any "trapped" power in it. You should be perfectly safe after that to fiddle with it now.

Good luck and lets not see you in any newspapers m'kay?

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