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Default Give me some recommendation of cheap and reliable MODULAR PSU!

hi, as the title said , i am sick and tire of the sonota III, it is definitely not the best case for someone that likes to open there case a lot . And with my future upgrades the sonota is going to have to go , there have been way too much blood and sweat spill already with this case .

So for now i will get a modular psu first, the ones i have consider and look at are the OCZ modxstrem pro for $65 <-- seems like the best bang for the $$, but from what S_G said on the ncix forums, the OCZ's MOD PSU cables are too short for a decent mid size case

The other PSU that i had look at was the AntecNEO power 550 for $85, i current have the EA500W and its really quite i like it

I need some recommendation of good and cheap reliable modular psu. around $80-90ish and have at least 550 watt.

Future upgrades: CM690, 9800GTX+, and a quad core and 4-6 HDDs
Sig is rig

Thanks for reading.
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