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Originally Posted by odis172 View Post
Shut down your computer, Unplug the ac cord from the power supply, then press the power button on the computer. The power supply will attempt to start the computer, thereby draining the capacitors. Press the button 4 or 5 times, waiting a few seconds between each press, just to be safe. You should hear some fans spin a bit on the first press. There may still be some charges left over, so dont go touching any contacts! Use insulated tools, dont ground yourself, and i have even heard of people only using one hand, so if they do get a shock, it wont complete a circuit by going through your chest.
Damn ... now you have me scared .... to think I could have killed myself the last ten times I opened up a PSU. I've always unplugged the psu, and powered on the pc a couple times, and then pulled it out. Never had a problem.
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