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4x Will slow it down by a lot, but it depends on what resolution your running. For example, at 1280x1024 in Cod4 an 8800gts on a x16 gets 133fps, but at x4 gets 59fps. At a higher resolution of 1920x1200 on x16 it gets 57, and on the x4 40fps.
(Benchmarks ? Call of Duty 4 : Crossfire meets PCI Express 2.0 ? More Lanes, More Frames?)
But considering your 4870 is alot powerfull, the fps range would be even greater for you. I'm estimating that youll get around 1/3 of your fps on the x4, so avoid the x4 for gaming. Also, are you saying that the ram cooler is blocking the video card from fitting in the x16 slot? If so any performance gains you might get from cooling your ram would be grossly outweighed by the hit in performace of the x4.
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