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Originally Posted by rjbarker View Post
RAID was already set to "Disabled".......didn't notice any options at all beside each SATA "#" (0 thru 6), anyhow, thanks for your help Chilly....strange eh...every now n then I get the same "error" "Cannot find DVD ROPM yada yada yada" with COD WaW, right now it all seems fine now that I've again swapped the SATA Controller Cable to a different Port, BUT COD4 will not run on this DVD Drive, simple as that, and yet prior to my transferring all Hardware to my Silverstone, installing new SATA Raptor and re-installing OS onto the Raptor Drive it worked fine....????
Computers eh......and how about those Canucks (n Leafs)....TO just may have Burke coming....worst thing Vancouver did was get rid of Burke!!!
Anyhow, thanksfor your help Chilly, I've pretty much run out of ideas!!! The only other thing I can think to try is to uninstall my nForce Drivers and install the original Drivers that came on a disc with the MOBO...seems kind of a step backwards though, but you never know, also could simply try a new DVD ROM (SATA) they're only about $30....but if I cannot run certain Copy Protected games on my DVD ROM SATA.....that doesn't seem right!
G' night!
Meh, Burke's not do much for my team, the leafs are as useless as the pecker on the pope, even if they had the best players in the league playing for them. One can hope thou...

Just did some searching for ya, seems ALOT of people are having issues with COD4's single player DRM thinking SATA drives are, well, emulated drives. Stupid DRM. Good news is that MP does not need the CD/DVD in the drive to play. Too bad about single player thou.

g'night! Its 4:20 am and I work at 11am, I'm GUESS I should get some sleep
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