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Originally Posted by 3.0charlie View Post
Now, on a side note: 3.6Ghz with only 1.35V vCore? Damn, that's low! I remember my Q6600s needing over 1.5V to reach 3.6...
I don't know how stable that was but it did fold for ~1/2 hour with no problems so at least it could be close. Looks like this chip might be a winner. I haven't looked too far into how far people are pushing these chips yet and what kind of voltage they need, but from what I've read a lot of people are happy just to get to 3.6GHz. I'd like to see 4.0GHz but I'm not holding my breath.

If that problem was just a thermal issue then I could come up with something, though air flow is pretty minimal in that area. There aren't any fans close by and the NB and CPU are on water so obviously no air flow from them either. My rig is VERY silent, I've had a few panic moments wondering why it wasn't running when I've been standing right beside it, just to find out it is on so that noise from the SMPS is unacceptable, easily louder than the rest of the system. So is a new mobo the only other alternative? Seems like a waste.

That said, this comb is fine regardless of the noise? I'd like to push this chip a bit and see what it can do but I'd really hate for the caps to become little projectiles or the mobo going up in smoke.

@joeperson, it's this mobo.
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