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BTW, i also noticed that in the overclocking section there is a thread called 3dmark06 benchmark (sorry cant post link because i am at work and ie is blocked) and it is often visited and ppl still post in it. it has like 100+ pages... sorry to say but THIS takes alot of space, it has compilations of scores from 2000 to 2008.

if you put a real 3dmark06 benchmark sticky thread that would be often updated by the mods (heck i wouldnt mind to be the one responsible of updating it) then all scores would be up to date and not 8 years old. ppl would post their scores with screenshots and on the first post of the thread their would be the ranking (wich would be updated daily). then a matenance could be down to delete old posts. keep the threads as clear as possible and make sure to update rankings when members post new scores.
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