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To quote the poll, I'm not too sure. I've managed/been on a lot of forums in my day, and usually one of the biggest issues I saw was having too many categories/subforums. What always ended up happening was that only a few subforums were ever active and the rest were pretty much dead. Even on large sites such as the [H] there are plenty almost unused portions of the fourm. Not to poke holes in your idea Finch but I feel that *for now*, any "benchmark" threads/questions/achievements, etc could fit in pre-existing categories.

That being said I've never used/managed a VB forum so I do not know what features and mods are avilable for it, perhaps there's something out there that can allow us to post stats, benchmarks and etc (almost like out own built in hwbot). Maybe its feasible, maybe its not, perosnally I'm undecided in this either way.
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