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Default Q6600 too much chip for a DS3R?

Just got a q6600 and was starting to OC it. Some quick trials got me 3.6GHz with I think 1.35V. It was up and running and folding fine, realtemp reported the cores were humming along in the low 40's. I thought I had a little rattle happening, it had a little bit of a hiss sound to it too so I was poking around inside the case and found out the noise was coming from the CPU area.

Using the Mk.1 Index Finger Temp Probe I just about lost my finger print on the SMPS parts - the little black cubes - inductors I assume. Seriously I really did burn my self a little. Yes I'd like a cookie and a glass of milk! I quickly shut the comp down and backed off on the OC to 3GHZ at stock volts and all is better now. Those little black cubes are still damn hot but I'm not getting any red squares on the end of my fingers. Now I know the discrete components can handle a good amount of heat, most MOSFETs are rated for 200C IIRC, but the noise... that's bad.

So... uhhh... this can't be normal can it? Do I need to get a mobo with a beefier SMPS?
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