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There is already a restriction in place that limits the contest to forum members only. That in itself cuts the number of entries down drastically. There are 10's of thousands of views of the website by thousands of people. Of which - currently only 3,984 are available to participate, which is then cut down by the number of people who actually BOTHER to enter... and as there is no newsletter sent out announcing when a sweepstakes is taking place and no serious marketing for it, so people must actually be checking the website to know when an event is going on.

Given this, there is FAR greater weight favoring longtime and frequent members of the forum than there is some random contest jumper.

Any more favors towards members would be ridiculous.

In fact I don't see that these contests should even be FORUM sweepstakes - Part of the point of them is to encourage new members, encourage contribution and promote the website - Maybe there should be a separation. The occasional forum sweepstakes and contests open to the members of the public in which members, regular readers and contest hoppers all have equal chances.
Unfortunately it would seriously cut down on the opportunities us members have to get free stuff... but at least the long term guys would have a better chance of getting free stuff right?

Originally Posted by enaberif View Post
I am pretty sure that every time this site has held a sweepstake and the winner was drawn someone has said some comment about how they felt things weren't right.

To me that means things should be done possibly differently or changed.
Or maybe because some people love to complain and encourage conflict....

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