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Originally Posted by enaberif View Post
And its this thought that makes me feel that these sweepstakes are favored to those of lesser posts/points.
Actually someone was right on the money with his reasoning. If you have a forum with tons of new users, and all the amounts of new arrivals or low count posters exceed the total number of regulars at higher levels, guess who has more odds of winning ? You guessed it - the posters with the low counts....because it's a numbers game. Even if say, you had 50% low count posters vs. 50% higher count, the odds would be EQUAL for both. Now this is a theory - I am not aware of the exact number of low count posters vs. higher level ratio here, but if the ratio is much bigger for higher levels vs. lower levels, then the winners are winning by a long shot, even if odds are lower, they still can win - The same way when you buy a loto 6/49 ticket, your odds of winning are 13 million to 1, and you can win on only 1 ticket purchase - while someone who has purchased 500 tickets will win NOTHING -

The only way to fix this and place odds in favor of higher level members would be to limit sweeps to members of a certain level. Now I am not familiar with laws regulating lotteries and sweeps, or whether HWC has to abide by some rules in regards to holding sweepstakes, or if they would be even allowed to LIMIT to certain people only - maybe someone who knows about this can explain further.
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