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Originally Posted by MpG View Post
What kind of noise?

Unless these fans are serious pieces of , I don't think I'd expect an 1800rpm 92mm fan to be any worse than the Tri-cools at low. But fans can make other components vibrate if they're not attached properly - either too loose, or to something that vibrates easily. If if it's vibration issue, you can put something soft between the fan and the mount surface to help isolate the fan.

The noise at lower speeds might just be a quirk - many fans start to do weird things when undervolted.

Edit: Nvrmnd, got it sorted out, I see.
lol, ya, in between the fans and the HS, are rubber fan gromets, and its attached really tightly to the metal covering, it is making a bit more sound than i expected, im geussing its because of the restricted airflow in the HS which causes a louder noise, but then again, my heat register is making quite a bit of noise right now and pissing me off so i cant really tell. Thanks for the input though :D
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