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Default Vantec Stealth Fans are Really loud?

Umm wow, this is getting on my nerves.
I just ordered 2 92mm Vantec Stealth Fans rated at 20dBa. I just installed them on my Xigmatek Battleaxe and its now the loudest thing in my case.... i have 5 antec tricools running at Low, and a modded OCZ PSU also running a tricool at low. All the fans in my case are tricools at low, that are rated at 22dba, and the 2 vantec stealths are by far the loudest, theyre a bit better than the stock xigmateks, but still..... Could it be because of the airflow restriction from the grill of the Xigmatek Battleaxe? Even running at 55% (using speedfan to slow it down) its still teh loudest componenet. Also when i slow it down more than 55% i hear a whine, like a screechy sound, its not that loud, but extremely annoying. This also happened with teh xigmatek fans. Any ideas?
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