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Originally Posted by DarKStar View Post
However, I'd like to add my 2 cents - I DO agree that sweeps should have more restrictions - and target mostly ACTIVE members who take part in the community, determined by number of posts and % of activity - Not necessarily by the amount of posts, but by the activity level - otherwise you can have just about anybody from the outside who registers just to enter sweeps and never show up. Just my 2 cents 1/2. :)
A lot more than the # of posts are taken into account.

Here is a quick run down taken from this post. Forum Contribution Level.

The points are calculated as follows:

  • Days Online (Points that are added for every day since registering) - 2
  • Points for Referrals (Points that are added for every user you refer to this site) - 100
  • Points for Threads (How many points given for single threads) - 2.5
  • Points for Thread Views (How many points given for views on threads) - 0.02
  • Points for Replies to Own Threads (How many points given for replies to own threads) - 0.15
  • Points for Sticky Threads (How many points be given for sticky threads) - 100
  • Points for Posts (How many points given for post made) - 2.3
Top Level is currently - 30

Sweepstakes Entries

  • Entering the sweepstakes gives you one (1) entry
  • You will automatically receive one (1) entry for every Level you have achieved.
  • Receive an additional two (2) entries for being an active participant in either Folding@Home(F@H or BOINC).

User enters Sweepstakes (1 entry)
User is an active Folding member (1 entry)
User have a Contribution Level of 10 (10 entries)

Total entries for this user is 12.

* Extra entries for Folding and Contribution Level are automatically entered (no user input is required).
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