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Originally Posted by Eagle Eye View Post
Like you said in your first comment "It's all a question of luck" If you stand by both comments you're contradicting yourself. How is it any different if an individual plays lotto649 every week vs someone that just happens to pick up a ticket randomly and wins, are you going to argue the same point?

Just my 2 cents,

A lottery and sweepstakes are VERY different.

With the amount of entries that happens in a HWC sweep stake someone with 20 entries should have MUCH higher chances of getting their named pulled than someone who has only had 2 entries submitted.

Thats like 20:1 odds of winning for the person who is more active but it seems to be the opposite on most of these draws and its 1:20 in favor of the least active posters.

People with less posts should only win by fluke not by chance.
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