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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Alwaysrun View Post
Nice comprehensive list he has there but I wish there was another one for ATI cards.
There is an ATI benchmark table as well, as a sticky in the "ATI specific issues" thread of the Folding Forums. The post is called "Optimal CPU - GPU comparison table [moderate to larger WUs]". (I can't post the link because has been unreachable for me for a week or so.)

Originally Posted by Alwaysrun View Post
Didn't ATI sort of start using GPUs to fold first?
Yep, first with the X1000 cards, then the 2-3XXX cards.

I know when I started GPU folding, my 4850 actually performed WORSE than most 3870 cards in terms of PPD (~1200-1500) because the core only used 320 of the 800 stream processing units on my card. The other issue was very high CPU usage on the core. Now, the CPU usage has dropped, but every WU I attempt gives me UNSTABLE_MACHINE...
Some of the older posts you see about nVidia >> ATI in folding is from the fact that when nVidia was in its initial stages, the PPDs were through the roof for some reason.
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