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  1. I don't know about needing X amount of posts. Take XS for example. I have been a member there for over two years, and yet I only have 25 posts -- only a quarter of what I need to gain access to their FS/T subforum. However, I have a ton more posts here, at [H], and various other places, including plenty of FS/T feedback. This is why I'm not a big fan of minimum post requirements. If someone only has 2 or 3 posts, make sure they have feedback elsewhere which they can confirm, or get them to ship first.

  2. RFD's BS/T forum is a stupid mess. They added features that let you categorize your threads, but you can't DO anything with those features! Seriously, what was the point? You can set your location and shipping preference, but it isn't mandatory and forum bugs cause those to be erased from time to time. You can set it to be FS/FT/WTB, but what if it's all three? It's just silly. I would like if we had RFD's location system, but it should be mandatory.

  3. I have suggested it elsewhere, and it's not difficult to accomplish at all: search a forum but first post in thread only. So, for example, I could have my for sale items in the first post of my thread, and a list of sold items in the second post. That way, when I search for something, I don't end up with threads where people replied with one of my keywords -- I only get the first post in the thread searched.

  4. Ability to edit thread titles.

  5. Ability to lock threads. (And also the ability to search only unlocked threads.)

  6. Ability to sort by first post edit time, including in searches.
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