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Default Folding@home gpu benchmarks

I was looking through the thread that Sky had concerning what we wanted in GPU reviews, and we all felt that a fah review would be very useful for some of us. I agree that such a review would be pretty popular and useful, but I also agree that doing so has a few problems (like testing time, especially if you have to test for a bunch of games, etc)

I was wondering a few things;
1. Any good sites that you use to find folding@home GPU reviews, similar to something like this: PCGH - Review/Benchmark: Folding@Home on Nvidia GPUs: PCGH benchmarks

2. How hard/viable/likely would it be for someone here at HWC to do something like this and post to a sticky or something? I don't think I have the expertise (or resources) to do such a thing myself, but such a post I think would get lots of attention from the folders around the web, and perhaps even help recruit more folders for our team.

What do you guys think? Or has this been considered already? Old news to the experienced folders? Links to great sites that do this?
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