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Originally Posted by 3.0charlie View Post
Thread crapping: I think the OPs are looking for it when asking ridiculous prices. But it's not a reason for other members to jump on him. I've had over 60 replies in my own FS thread, and not a single negative reply.

Now, I agree with the OP that the FS forum should be divided into FS/FT and WTB sub-forums.
Well it all depends on what the user's status is, since lots of people know you they can't give you negative comments, imagine a FS thread for a guy who just joined Rookie, people will be flooding him with prices are too high, yada yada!!..

And more lately.. the mods are doing their best job they can, and I'm not ranting about this, I would just like to say thank god my thread was closed, but I than protest on every donations thread to be also closed, I know it was caused due to my rudeness, but I had enough of people making it a off topic donations thread.. All I was asking was for used old parts, no offence to brother Twysted, look at him, people kept donating like crazy to him, just because he was more reputation.. gah!!

Ima just leave this aside, I am cool, and apologize to anybody I was rude.. but people need to step up please, and really I am arguing, I just want the place to be better, so rules can be implemented on every user there, not just one or two.
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