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My System Specs

Default Reboot = Fried Ram

Hey guys,

This is what happened.

I was playing TF2, started getting tired so i logged out of steam. Before i closed steam, steam said there was an update and that my computer needed to be restarted in order for it to take affect.

Steam than crashed while in the process of Windows shutting down.

My computer did not automatically restart like it normally would have, it actually shut off.

I thought this was odd, so i waited a minute and than proceed to power my computer back on and when after everything fired up and was running my screen was just sitting blank.

I was not sure what to make of this so i checked all the cables to my LCD/Video Card, i checked the power cables from my PSU to m Video Card, everything was fine.

So out of curiosity i pulled all my ram out and popped in a stick of Crucial Rendition DDR2 and BAM!

My machine fired up fine... So i went through each stick of my ram individually and the first three fired up fine on there own but the 4th stick won't do anything.

So some how during my little crash/reboot i managed to fry 1 outta 4 sticks of ram.

I guess what I'm getting at after posting all this is... How did Windows crashing manage to fry 1 stick of ram? And why not 2 or 3 or even all 4?

I'm glad only 1 stick got fried but i am confused about the hole thing!
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