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-Seriously, I think you're a little too eager to spend money.
-A second 4870X2 tends to be wasted on anything less than a 30" monitor.
-It's fine if you don't want to go watercooling, but it's entirely possible that your processor is going to hit a thermal limit before you hit an overclocking limit. Which would make it a little pointless to get a 965 processor.
-Consider a different thermal paste. AS5 is getting a little old in the tooth, and while results vary, it's not uncommon to get an extra degree or two from some of the newer pastes. Arctic Cooling MX-2 is a popular one, and fairly available these days, I think.
-If you want to get an add-in sound card, you might consider something other than a Creative product. Auzentech's Prelude card uses the same X-FI chipset, but they have a much better track record on drivers and quality, while I believe Asus' Xonar series is a little cheaper and seems to have a good track record as well. The incoming i7 motherboards seem to be pretty good about making a PCI slot available
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