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I do think that the FS/FT/WTB forum is kind of a mess right now. Lots of threads are popping up and sometimes people forget to put proper things into their titles, such as FS/FT/WTB. I really like the idea of splitting it into two different sections. Also, to help get rid of the cluster, maybe let people edit their titles so they don't have to make new threads so often. I think threadcrapping I think is gonna happen no matter what, because some people cannot resist the urge to point something out that they don't like.
Most of the ideas I've thought of are already posted here, but lets hope that we can get this up and running in better shape than it is.

I also think the part about the donations thing was about me (and even if it wasn't i want to explain it anyways), because I wanted to build a rig for my friend. I honestly just wanted parts advice since I don't know a whole lot about the newer hardware (Using old S939 stuff still). I was just very lucky that Misterlarry saw it and he wanted to help myself and my friend along. There has been communication between himself and my parents, so it's not as if I'm some random guy just looking to score some parts. Anyways, I just felt like I needed to get that off my chest.
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