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I think if you have like 50+ posts you gain access to the B/S/T forum. simple as that. it will help get rid of a lot of the clutter.

Also instead of saying "next person in this thread to threadcrap gets a ban" make it so each person has an amount, 3 posts sounds good.

I agree that people who askk a ridiculous price almost want it but look at it this way. It is their item, if they don't want to sell it for a reasonable price then it won't sell. so there really is no reason to tell them in the thread (much better to kindly drop them a PM and if they want they will change their prices.

it is their item.

Anyhow those are my 2 favorite new rules. and think they would be the most effective.

As for donation threads, people should be forced to have a "D" or something before the thread like "LF" "WTB" "WTS" "WTT" ect.
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