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Ive done two semesters of IT studies. It deosnt matter what language you learn. If you learn how to create flow charts of the 5 structures, and learn how to make them all string togetherlogically and the program flow chart works, you tahn move over to a pseudocode stage. Learning multiples is kinda vain to:P Because all languages compile down to binary anyway LoL. What I learned was that anyone can code, but very few can code above spaghetti code also. It takes logic, logic, and a little more logic:P Anyhoo, buy this book if you can get it
Programming Logic and Design 3rd edition by Joyce farrell.
After that, writing code is basically just looking up the syntax of any given language and replacing flow chart symbols with it.
Oh, and do learn Java 5 coz its got less coding than c and deos the samde thing.
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