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Originally Posted by Supergrover View Post
It has onboard video and IDK why but the price that showed up for me is $269.99 but now its showing reg price.
NCIX seams to be having some hickups this morning......

here is the sale page the sale link wont link. - Canada's Premier Computer Store - Great Technology, Service and Selection.

scroll down to the bundled deals section it is in there.
True. You are right. And its funny to see I picked 2-3 pieces in that bundle w/o knowing it.

I tried to add it to shopping cart and it shows a price around 400$
So, i tried to price match everything.... but for some reason it wont let me. I enter the price and the URL of the competitor, then I hit update and it just dosnt update. Plus, after this I cant click pricematch for that same item anymore.. weird....

I tried to pricematch the board to 41$ but it dosnt show in my cart. Same thing for the processor and the momery. For the HDD, DVD, and CASE its a total of 137$ i'll post all the prices in my next post.
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