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Default upgrade

I have an asus 939 pin a8n deluxe mobo with 4000+, 1gig ram duel channel, 2 gigabyte 6600 vc sli combo, gaming machine want to upgrade 2 more meg ram,and 2 9800 gigabyte cards these cards are pcie 2.0 x 16 will they work in pcie x 16 slots? have 4 harddrives 2 55 gig ata 100 2 sata 250 audigy 2 sound card plextor 716 optical drive and generic dvd optical 500 w psu. I plan to upgrade the psu to crossfire certified thermaltake 750w and the 2 gig ram upgrade is the same brand and cas latency and timing i believe that part will be fine. My main concern are the video cards. any help would be appeciated.
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