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Hey guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I ordered most of my pieces from NCIX yesterday morning so I should be receiving them by next thuesday, I believe. I'll be posting tons of pics showing you guys what im up to, if you are interested i'll be posting more as the computer takes shape.

Edit: im trying to get the best price for the buck on memory, 4g at best. The G.skill 6400 240pin is only 55$ish for 4g. Since im ocing, is there any other brand/best price/better quality you guys would recommend me?

Edit 2: Memory and my video card are the 2 last things I will be buying. My monitor is a LCD 19", should I get a 9500GT of a 9800GT is there a big diffrence besides cost?

Which points me to an interesting question : before building the computer, do I need to know anything special?

This will be the first time I put a computer together and I figured it wouldnt be hard if I follow the instructions in the manuals. "plug A red in A red slot" is really not hard... But!!.... Someone told me things like "A special "paste" of some sort is required to set up the CPU in the Mobo. W/o it, the computer wont work or it will horribly burn"

I dont think its true but I wanted to ask you guys to be sure!

THanks! See ya all soon!

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