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Originally Posted by Gameplaywarrior View Post
Do anyone know what the recommended PCIE bus voltage recommendation are for the GTX 260? I was having problems with my card and NVIDIA suggested that I check/increase the PCIE bus voltage but never gave me any amount to set it at so I was hoping someone here could tell me, or at least direct me to some place that could tell me as I don't want to damage my card.

-yes I did the whole driver cleaner thing
-came from a 9800GTX+
- card works fine on friends computer with same game(s)

System Specs:

4G of OCZ Reaper Hpc Edition 8500
I'm gonna check out the video's but does this happen outside station as well?, because if it only happens inside a station then well, I'll let you answer the question first before I make an idiot of my self explaining to you with the way the eve client works.
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