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Originally Posted by Empty_Quarter View Post
Which sound card would you recommend for me in that case? The HDAV or this one? I will be using an Onkyo 605 bi-amping a pair of Klipsch RB-61s. I really dont know what to go for :S

For headphones, I have the HD555, ATH AD700, and DT770. None of them would take any advantage from an amp (DT770 takes little advantage). However, I do intend on getting HD650s or K701s eventually.

I guess my question is, does the Essense STX sound better than the HDAV? Features of the HDAV are very convinient with HDMI inputs/outputs and support for HD codecs, but if the STX sounds better, I am willing to sacrifice features for sound quality.
Yes the Xonar Essence will surpass the HDAV 1.3 for straight sound quality however, the HDAV 1.3 is also a very nice sounding card and is the current champion of the Xonar lineup surpassing all Xonars that have came before it.
It will have to step down once the Xonar Essence arrives. Features as opposed to sound quality is a decisions I cannot help you with, however as we have stated the Essence may change and add more features prior to being released. It is really hard to tell at this point as the Essence is not currently in production.
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