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Originally Posted by Deathspawner View Post
Cool preview, thanks! This card has interested me greatly since I first learned of it a few months ago. Leave it to ASUS to come up with an audio card specific to headphone users... it's great. I love their dedication so far to audio and I hope it keeps up... they really aren't half-assing things.
Are you able to tell us yet of any impressions on audio quality differences between this card and the D2X? Do you find the built-in headphone amplifier to actually be a useful feature and not just some addition tacked on there for looks? I don't own an amp, which is why I ask, so it intrigues me.
This card has aound quality beyond the D2X, The D2X/D2 would push around a 118 dB SNR whereas this card will produce about 124dB SNR. According to the specifications the Essence will be the new champion of the Xonar Line up for analog sound quality. The headphone amplifier is a high end model from TI and is definately added on the card to be used. I have a nice set of heapdhone to test with and hopefully will have another new set before the Preview is done to give a varied opinion using different audio gear.

Originally Posted by Deathspawner View Post
Also, you didn't mention the chipset used... is it still relying on the CMI8788? I'd love to know, since I use Linux and sometimes can get left out in the dark when it comes to brand-new audio cards. That also leads me to wonder if I could even take advantage of the amp control under Linux. I'm lead to believe no, but even with "stock" settings, I'd imagine this would be a real treat to use.
Thanks again for the cool writeup.
We aren't finished with our preview and there is more information, pictures and impressions to come. This card doesn't use the AV200 chipset, it uses the AV 100 chipset, more on that later.
Check back we will have much more information to come.

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