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My System Specs


350 w should be enough for a rig like that but you can always try a power calculator and see what it comes up with. I am using an Happauge 1800 and it works fine. For media center usage I strongly suggest using Vista Home Premium. The media centrer works quite well even if not perfect, it does the job and is pretty easy to configure. The only thing that annoys me is that it uses its own recording fromat which is basically and MPEG but with a ''layer'', it's a DVR-MS format which is pretty much only readable from a computer. I don't find the software supplied with the TV tuner very interesting and it's a bit tidious to setup. On a side note, if you're using Vista Media Center and recieve your chanels through a cable box, the remote supplied with your tv tunner won't work. You'll need the Microsoft remote. There might be a work around but I am not aware of it. On the other hand, if you plug your cable right through your TV tuner than your remote should work. As you mentionned, your HHD is a bit on the low storage space side but it's ok if it's just for a temporary usage.

The HD3650 should be good enough, I am using a 3470 paired with an AMD 5200 CPU and so far it works good. I am using it on a big screen but it's not an HD TV, it's an older model. All in all your old rig should be good enough for media usage the only thing I would add is the OS and switch for Vista Home Premium.

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