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Hi Mishtar..welcome to HWC.

I'm gonna rattle off what works best for me.

My specs:
-E8400 C0 ..(TRUE 120)
-GA P35-DS3L
-2x1GB Ballistix 8500
-Corsair VX550
-Many HDDs..OS-XP Pro(32)SP2

Very similar setups.

I'm sure you know how to get the fun settings..ALT-F1..
Try these settings...if you feel comfortable with them:

Robust Graphics Booster - Auto (basically overclocks GPU..causing instable CPU O/C)
CPU Host Clock Control - Enable
PCIe Frequency -101MHz don't use Auto... 101, and sometimes 104 work best.
C.1.A.2 - Disable
Performance Enhance -Standard(this messes with Perfomance Level setting in RAM if enabled..can ruin O/C)
System Memory Multi - Use 2.00(gives 1:1-666MHz).....2.40 gives 6:5-800MHz....etc.etc.
DRAM Timing Selectable - 4-4-4-12
Advanced Timing Control - Leave all at Auto for now.
System Voltage Control - Manual
DDR2 Overvoltage Control - +.4v..remember..this is on top of JEDEC standard which is 1.8v... so +.4v = 2.2v
PCIe Overvoltage Control - +.2v
FSB Overvoltage Control - +.3v
(G)MCH Overvoltage Control - +.3v
CPU Voltage Control - 1.400v(DS3L shows vDroop/vDrop of ~ .06-.07 which leaves 1.33v-1.34v under load)

In Advanced BIOS Features section:
No-Execute Memory Protect - Enable
CPU Enhanced Halt(C1E) - Disable
CPU EIST Function - Disable
Virtualization Technology - Disable...unless you're gonna be running VMs.
CPU Thermal Monitor 2(TM2)- Disable ...i disable as much as i can get away with.. never had a problem with all these settings in 9 months.

In Standard CMOS Features section:
Halt On - No Errors

I agree with ElDonko about starting @ 1.400 can always back it down.. or possibly may even have to raise it a touch higher. For 24/7 running, i wouldn't go over 1.45v (many will say 1.40 and even 1.35v)...good cooling plays a role in this.

** Perform these mods/settings at your own risk** I'm not responsible if things should go south.

GL, have fun, and let us know how you make out.


Edit: Flash to most recent BIOS.. still F8f as far as i know.

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