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Default First attempt at Overclocking my E8400

Well after owning this thing since January I finally attempted an overclock. I ran Prime95 for 2 hours with just the CPU being stressed and 12 hours with the blend test. I forgot to take a screen shot while it was under stress of the CPU-z so I added one in after to show the volts and such under stress.

I am running a Thermalite Ultra 120 heat sink
8800gts ssc 670ghz 512mb
P35-DS3l Rev 2.0
2 gigs crucial pc 6400
Antec P182

My results so far are 3,6ghz stable with 1.2v in the bios showing around 1.136 in CPU-z under load. Can you guys tell me if everything looks normal to you and how would I get this up to 4ghz. what would I have to set the RAM at? Oh and the min temps were 32 and 30 and max temps during the stress loads were 49 and 47. Core 0 runs about 2 degrees warmer it seems.
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