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Cool Left 4 Dead: First Impressions

I hope this is in the right spot.

After about 20 hours of playing the demo, I'm highly impressed with it. I had no interest in the game until a person in Steam chat mentioned how good it was, so I scammed the Gamestop site to get into the demo.
I Started off playing through it on normal on my own, what a mistake it was really really boring and easy. I eventually ended up playing on expert with Monkey and Asharp.
Heck I sucked really bad but had a ton off fun, I tended to run ahead and yeah.... or teamkill accidentally. The next night I had the hang of it, and it was even funner.
Now I have an idea of what's going to show up but never when or where, every play through is different, sometimes the ai director feels like being an ass so when you get caught by a smoker a hunter leaps on you and massacres you.
Like the time me, Linus, Tyson, and sharp ( or Perjah) saw a w itch to the right on the second to last room so we went left and a tank came down through the hole and went after us, me, Tyson, and Perj died and Linus finished it off but heck it was fun and hard not trying to alert the witch. I swear half of the fun is getting your ass handed you as you go through the level. I also was able to try the versus mode, It's even funner and I can't wait to try the correct one.
I'd give this initial impression a 10/10

Feed back is always appreciated, yeah i didn't really write it in a paragraph style though.
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