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Originally Posted by Phaddie View Post
Tried before the install, they want money for copies of the rescue disks for this laptop. That is what I was trying to avoid. I thought with her legit key it would be ok. I had done it with other computers, but not a sony :(

Originally Posted by jdrom17 View Post
To do this you require the OEM certificate for Sony and then you must do some commands via command prompt to get it activated.

Of course, this is all technically illegal so I can't really say much more
ORRR he could do it the easy way. When it asks to activate, it will fail when using the online auto activation, from there it will give you an option to call Microsoft directly, it will ask you to put in a long "phone line activation based key" which will fail and then tell you to hold on the line for a live person.

Once speaking with live persion they will ask a few simple questions, why you reinstalling, why did you use this sony key, etc, just tell them, its the ONLY computer your using the key on, on the same sony laptop, just that the install got hosed and you used a spare disk to install and the key off the bottom.
they will give you the activation code and you will be on your way :)
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