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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Alwaysrun View Post
Ahh I see now LCB001 thanks for the info. Yeah those new WUs suck bad, they're throwing my average all out of wack heh. I also get these stinker CPU WUs that take like 16+ hours to complete and only give like 170 odd points for and yet other times I get these really cherry ones that give in excess of 700 points for a 20 hour job...go figure
On those WU's my GTX+'s get ~4358 PPD instead of the ~6083 on the regular ones. They used to get 6643+ PPD but the new 1.19 core messed that up also, all together my total PPD for the three cards has dropped ~1800 PPD just from the core change, if all of them get the WU's I'm down almost 6000 PPD...
If you had a Quad you could run the SMP CPU client with the GPU. I run the SMP on my Q9550 alongside the 2 GPU clients. The regular SMP is worth 1920 pts and takes around 25 hrs [~1860 PPD], the cherry ones are worth 1760 pts but only take about 15+ hrs [~2780 PPd]. Lately the SMP client has been more stable than the GPU client, haven't had an EUE in at least a month...
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